About Us

Rhinegold Equestrian was born in the early 1990’s.

As a family run company (founded in 1987) we were supplying the equestrian trade with wholesale products, all well- known brands from within the industry.

As time went on it became apparent that, as Horse owners and people with a passion for all things equestrian we had our own ideas and were wanting to produce these ideas into the equestrian world.

Rhinegold was created as a brand where we could have fun with colours and sparkle but also a serious side of Dressage and Passion. We could do whatever we liked and it was apparent customers liked this fresh new young brand.

We started out with bridles and leatherwork which proved to be well received and enjoyed by many. It turned out that we were able to offer exclusive ideas (because of our horsey knowledge) entwined with our desired product quality having dealt with so many other well- known brands over the years. Feedback was good.

Rugs, numnahs, and accessories followed with a small range of footwear by the late 1990’s.

Then a chance meeting with an ambitious footwear manufacturer in 2012 created a friendship and passion for offering practical yet up to the minute designs in Country Footwear and Riding Boots.

Our footwear range has now exceeded all of our ambitions and sells in huge quantities all over Europe, by offering luxurious feeling products minus the luxury brand price tag.

We often take ideas from our customers on social media, which is how our luxury leather Luxus riding boot was later designed in extra wide and extra short. People commented and we listened!

Rhinegold do not spend thousands on advertising but have allowed the brand to grow organically on reputation and quality. Large, colourful adverts in national magazines, hiring models and Country Estates for photo shoots cost a huge amount to fund and we would rather not put that onto the price of our products as other high end brands need to.

All advertising, photography and campaigning is done ‘in-house’ to keep the costs down to the end user.

Our range of Horse Rugs use only certificated fabrics, so if it says it is ‘waterproof’ or ‘breathable’ it really is and we can prove it!

The anatomical range of bridle work uses ‘butter soft’ leathers and unique design features, in line with the other very high end products available.

Our brand name has evolved into a trusted and fun name amongst Equestrians.

Every year we improve and add new products that we have lovingly tried and tested on our own Horses.

We guarantee everything we sell and stand by the quality assurance that we offer, we are always available to talk via phone/ email/ social media if you have a query (or an idea!)

We have fun with our brand, we hope you have fun using it- because that is what we set out to do

Horse with Jacket