Sheepskin Lined Saddle Cloth

Sheepskin Lined Saddle Cloth
Sheepskin Lined Saddle ClothSheepskin Lined Saddle ClothSheepskin Lined Saddle Cloth



Rhinegold Sheepskin Lined Saddlecloth. Top quality cotton saddle cloth with the finest sheepskin lining under the saddle area. Small quilting design gives the cloth great stability, velcro girth attachment straps and tough cordura anti-rub panel for ease of use and endurance. Sheepskin gives support and alleviates pressure while being breathable and giving extreme comfort. Anatomically designed for a perfect fit on every horse, with rolled front edge for extra comfort and softness.

  • Sheepskin Encourages Muscle Relaxation And Blood Circulation
  • Fully Breathable Helps Wick Away Sweat
  • Helps Prevent Bruising And Chafing

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